Developers united in Berlin – AtlasCamp 2014

AtlasCamp is the yearly conference for Plugin Developers of Atlassian products, which provides insights in the product APIs, informs about new features and of course is a great opportunity to get to know each other.

With Berlin Atlassian chose a great location for developers to meet and enjoy the sunny weather with about 30 degrees and interesting talks with a very international audience. A quick research unvailed that more than 50% of the attendees were new to AtlasCamp, which means that the community is still growing fast. There was no hackathon during the camp this year, but a competition for developers in advance to present their latest Atlassian Connect Add-on and win a price. I guess that was because some developers were complaining about missing all of the conference while hacking away for the hackathon last year. So even though it was fun having intensly working people around in Amsterdam, it was much more laid back this year and talking and getting connected was more in focus of the event. Also the Wifi-Connection at the Maritim-Hotel was so bad, that nobody was really able to work, but had to stay offline with the surrounding participants to talk (Lächeln)


2014-06-04 20.01.56